BMrL Contestant 2024

Name: Hannes
Age: 44 Jahre
Living in: Neufahrn bei Freising

I am a candidate for the “Bavarian Mr. Leather” to support you – the fetish community, to overcome intolerance and the stigmatization of patients with HIV. I oppose fetish shaming, body shaming and age shaming and would like to unite the community. At the same time, it is necessary to implement active education to reduce the stigmatization that HIV patients are facing. This is why my motto for the election of the “Bavarian Mr. Leather” is: Education instead of exclusion!

Name: Stephan
Age: 40 Jahre
Living in: Weilheim in Oberbayern

Due to my extensive network in the queer community stretching far beyond the Bavarian borders, I think I would be a suitable representative of the MLC and the Bavarian fetish community – and especially the leather scene. I found my home in the fetish world and would like to share its opportunities and diversity especially with fetish youngsters and help it thrive. After being physically attacked during the Munich Pride 2023 because of my presence on a Pride placard and because of the current change in the HIV prevention (PreP) I would like to support facilities like “Strong” and the “Münchner Aidshilfe”.
Having both feet on the ground, I like traditions but also am also daring to try something new. This is how I think I can contribute to the Bavarian “leather” fetish scene as Bavarian Mister Leather. I would be proud to represent the MLC in its 50th year and give it an identity.