You have been a victim of homophopic aggression and / or anti-gay violence?
Here is what you can do to get help: 

 Dial 110 immediately!

    Tell the police about the incident and press charges against the offender(s).
    This is the only way to catch the offenders - remaining silent protects the offender!

     If you are being attacked, try to flee instead of trying to fight - don't reply to verbal provocation!

     Ask the attendant crowd for help!

     If you fear being discriminated by the police or feel ashamed - Munich has the Kommissariat 105 für Opferschutz (commissariat 105 for victim protection)

    Bayerstraße 35-37
    80335 München
    Mo - Fr  08.00-11.00
    Mo - Do 13.00-15.00

    The police officers here are specially trained and sensitized for everything concerning violence against homosexuals!

    Contact the anti-violence project of SUB


      There you will find personnel to welcome you - even discrete and anonymous, if you wish ... Also when you encounter violence in a relationship, gay mobbing or abuse: Accept help!

      contact the Aktionsbündnis für Solidarität (action alliance for solidarity)

      It is important to report about and document anti-gay violence and homophobic aggression - this helps the responsible persons of the community to get the full picture about recent tendencies and developments!
      Here is a contact form that you can fill in even anonymously ... it can be the first step in getting help - make use of it!