Bavarian Mr. Leather

In 2001, the MLC originated the position of the Bavarian Mr. Leather. The original task of representing the leather community has changed as well as the community itself. Today, the Bavarian Mr. Leather represents all different ranges of the Bavarian community and is therefore a link between the community and the club.

The self-conception of the position therefore not only exhausts in participation at CSDs in Germany and other countries as a figurehead. The BMrL should be a contact person as well as a mouthpiece for the local gay community. This requires personalities with a strong character that can express themselves in speech and writing.

The BMrL is elected by all gays of the Bavarian community for the period of one year. In exercising his duties, he is primarily funded by the MLC. During his tenure, he is thus in close contact with the club, particularly with the Board.

The position is an exciting challenge that requires much effort, tolerance and empathy. At the same time it is a great personal gain for the personal development.