Being a fetish club for gay men, the MLC wants to offer all its visitors to the UnderGround the hottest fetish parties possible. This is why we have the generic MLC dress code in place for these parties:

About half of our parties are dress code parties where we enforce and check a specific dress code. Apart from these we also have taster parties where it is possible to check out the UnderGround in regular street clothes. You can find a detailed description of “street clothes” underneath our dress code information slides:

Definition of street clothes:
Everything that you would wear at home or in everyday life or when visiting the family. Examples for this are T-shirts, jeans, low shoes and shorts.

Carrying any kind of firearms or thrustings (also softair guns, fake weapons, knives and such) is prohibited as well as wearing/displaying signs of unconstitutional organizations. These signs include but are not limited to flags, badges, parts of uniforms, slogans and salutations – plus those that can be mistaken for them.

The decision about conformity with the dress code rests with the dress code control staff or the person with the overall responsibility for the specific party (“VvD”). We reserve the right of admission and the implementation of our house rules.