The MLC Munich is a gay fetish club.
During the Oktoberfest and Starkbierfest meetings we also welcome all our friends from here or from abroad wearing Bavarian traditional costumes and leather pants to our dresscode events.

We do not grant access to guys wearing street clothes* and low shoes. Sturdy shoes like army boots, boots, biker boots or sneakers are required to be granted access to the UnderGround.

* Street clothes:
All clothes that you usually wear at home, for family visits or other occasions ? like t-shirts, jeans, low shows or short pants ? are not suitable for a fetish club. Exceptions to this rule are clearly visible styles like skaters, sportsmen, skins, punks and uniforms. The final word concerning admittance has our dress code control or the party responsible for that night.

We reserve the right to refuse admission and the domestic authority.

Perfume smell is generally undesirable in the UnderGround!

Our dresscode-rules for all parties: