Be alert, anticipatory and prudent ...
always and everywhere!

The Kommissariat 105 für Opferschutz (commissariat 105 for victim protection) in cooperation with several Munich police inspections offers a training course for moral courage and self assurance.

Goal of this training (which exists since 1999) is to learn moral courage (how do I help others) and to learn self assurance (how do I help myself). The biggest part of it are behaviour patterns that are being practised by role playing. Help without endangering yourself!

This training course is perfectly suitable for participants who have become a victim once or who want to help victims.

To strengthen the sense of security, there is also a police training course in cooperation with the contact officers of the local police inspections. It will provide answers to questions like:

How can I recognise danger early enough?

How do I behave in dangerous situations?

How can I effectively use my voice?

How can I reasonably defend myself??

Where are explicit risk zones?

What is self-defense / assistance in an emergency?

This training course of about four hours for 15 to 20 participants is offered to all Munich citizens (city and rural district) free of charge. The association „POLIZISTEN HELFEN - Polizeifreunde München e.V." did pay for all training course material. It is being held at the commissariat 105 or through one of the 80 trained contact officers at the local police inspections.

We can only recommend this training course and can offer to organise courses for and with MLC members, friends and all others interested. For this, please contact Thorsten by e-mail at

The Isarbiker have already taken part in this training course - so if you want to know more about it, just contact them or visit their Stammtisch every 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month (starting at 8.00 PM at "Kreuzberger", Westermühlstr. 32, Munich).