Here you can find the most recent information concerning anti-gay violence or homophobic aggression in Munich / Bavaria and in general:

Press release concerning cruising in Munich parks still being risky (30-Aug-2011)

Contact about this subject in Munich is the anti-violence project at the SUB helpdesk


 More info from the action alliance for solidarity

This is where you can find information about the situation of anti-gay violence and activities of the alliance. Plus a contact form that you can use (even anonymously) to report anti-gay, -lesbian or -transgender discrimination or violence.

Excerpt of the press release from 20-May-2010 about the establishmend of the action alliance against anti-gay, anti-lesbian and anti-transgender hostility in Munich:

Discrimination and violence in the community have become a part of everyday life again - but nobody talks about it. Therefore several associations of the Munich gay, lesbian and tansgender community have established an action alliance for solidarity.
Munich answers back with an action alliance formed by the anti-violence project of the psycho-social helpdesk for gay men at SUB, the Rosa Liste, Grüne, Schwusos, Linke, the coordination site for homosexual living, Diversity, the Munich AIDS-Hilfe, the Munich Lion's Club (MLC), the Isarbiker, the lesbian helpdesk LeTra, the transgender clubs Transmann and Viva TS and the Philhomoniker. This way Munich's gay, lesbian and transgender inhabitants can again call attention to the growing problem of their discrimination. The partners will continuously inform the community and the public about anti-gay, -lesbian and -transgender acts and document assaults.
SUB counselor Christopher Knoll, who initiated the action alliance for the anti-violence project at the SUB helpdesk says: „We currently see a big rise in the amount of verbal and physical assaults in the core of the gay community in Munich, the Glockenbachviertel". Form more than 15 years, the anti-violence project has been registering anti-gay discrimination and violence and helping victims to get over the impacts of the violence. „The community is currently alarmed about a still unsettled series of assaults against bars in the quarter. The action alliance wants to accomodate the fact that even in times of rising visibility of homo- and transsexual people in public, the potential for discrimination in the society does rise. We would like to bundle up all solidary forces so that Munich remains a city with an open and solidary society!"