For this year's Starkbierfest Lars Deike exhibits his fetish paintings.
The berlin artist had his photo studio in Munich for many years and often worked together with the MLC. Here were many fetish works that were the basis for his paintings acrylic on canvas. The works can be seen in the cafe of the sub. Vernissage is on Tuesday February 27 at at 19.30. The works will be on the sub for a whole month. In addition, he shows his work directly in the underground, which can be seen there throughout the Starkbierfest.

Werner Hall - IML-Jury 2018

Every year, the International Mister Leather (IML) is elected in Chicago at the end of May. Around 70 candidates from around the world accept this challenge every year. They face the critical judgment of an international 9-member jury. In addition to the public appearances in front of a large audience, one of the hardest tests is a 15-minute (secret) individual interview in front of the jury in which the candidates are put through their paces. Thus, 'IML' is not just about the optical impression the candidates make. IML always looks for and selects personalities who have made a special contribution to the leather community.

Each year, the Exexcutive Board of the IML Chicago recalls the jury. We are very pleased that Werner Hall (Bavarian Mister Leather 2016 and board member of the MLC) was appointed to the jury for the election of the International Mister Leather 2018.

Werner, how did it happen that you were appointed to the jury?
Well, I was a little surprised myself. I think that the decisive factor was that during my official year as Bavarian Mister Leather and afterwards, I kept reporting about what we do with the MLC in Munich. That seems to have arrived at the Executive Board. And let's be honest: the events of the MLC like the Starkbierfest, the GaySunday for the Oktoberfest or our club location the UnderGround is already a pound to be proud of. In this respect, I see the nomination for the jury not only as a personal success but also an appreciation for the decades-long commitment of the club, its members and, above all, its volunteers.

What do you think about your nomination? What does that do to you?
Well, frankly, I think everyone would lie if it did not make him proud to be called to the IML jury. Also, because in the jury is only one representative from Europe. Yes, I am proud of it and look forward to this new challenge to be able to vote for the 40th IML in May and that my vote will contribute to the election. Yes, I am proud to represent the European leather and fetish community in the IML jury. I'm convinced that it will not change me as a person, except that maybe I'll spread the pride to the outside, but I also want to show the members of the MLC that we are somebody.

What does this mean for the club?
In my eyes, this means for the club that the work of my predecessors as Bavarian Mister Leather and also my work bear fruit for the club and the fetish community. The MLC has grown through much voluntary work in recent years, and it probably is the world's largest leather and Fetsichclub. The awareness of this rose - also because we no longer put our light under the bushel. So my appointment to the jury is not just an advertisement for our club, because not only I get nominated, but also the MLC and all his members have been nominated for their work of many years and I'm proud to represent you all there.
Furthermore, I see this as recognition for the LGBTIQ + community for the whole of Munich and for the whole scene here - we can and should be proud of our Munich. With this step, we just go one step further and the worldwide LGBTIQ + community now recognizes the MLC Munich and the "Pink City Munich". So please be proud of it!



The Munich Lions Club e.V. (MLC) and the Spanish Leather & Fetish Community (SLFC) move closer together and seal at the World Pride in Madrid their cooperation in the framework of a partnership. (...)

Fetish of the month - Admission just 5 EUR for everyone

All MLC members having the matching fetish image featured on their MLC membership card can attend the party for free! (...)

10% discount on accomodation at Holiday Inn München Süd

For all members and guests looking for accomodation close to UnderGround we made a price deal with the Holiday Inn München Süd at Kistlerhofstrasse 142 (only 200 meters from UnderGround). (...)

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