Privacy Policy

Our board of directors, the officials, helpers and staff members take the current data protection rules very serious. By default, we only save your data in order to handle your membership and the contract management when you take part in club events.

The data protection official of the Münchner Löwen Club e.V. is Michael Henle.

We would like to explicitly state that all e-mail correspondence with our club (board of directors, officials, helpers and staff members) is being monitored and stored. We take your approval and understanding with this methodology for granted if you contact us by e-mail. This is why we also suppose that we are allowed to answer you by e-mail if you sent us an e-mail and you didn’t explicitly wish to receive an answer by another means of communication.

We cannot take responsibility for the data transmission safety when using e-mail. There is always the inherent risk of access to data via computer espionage when using e-mail. If you would like to limit this risk to a minimum, we are happy to use encrypted methods for e-mailing with you. But there remains the risk that some connection data of this communication (metadata like e.g. e-mail addresses, date and time or IP addresses used) can still be spied out by a third party. If in doubt, we would recommend contacting us personally or by post.

The technical implementation of our website is divided into two areas:
I. Main area with all information about the club and internal club functions
II. Online store featuring ticket pre-sales for Starkbierfest, BBQ, Oktoberfest meeting and Christmas party

The main area is being hosted on our own servers while the online store is being hosted and managed by Eventjet in Germany resp. Austria.

For further information concerning data protection, please click here: