Registered friends

The parties at the UnderGround are purely private and open to MLC members only.

This stated, men and boys who are not currently MLC members and are at least 18 years old can still participate in UnderGround parties. Therefore we offer the option of being a “registered friend”.

For a first registration or if you did not visit the UnderGround for more than 3 years, you must supply your personal information online here. We’re sorry, but a first registration at the box office at UnderGround is impossible. 

For legal reasons you must be able to identify yourself at the entrance if necessary. So to avoid problems please have a valid photo ID with you when visiting us!

The fee for this first registration is 5 Euros and is valid for 30 days, starting with the first party visited.

After these 30 days the registration can be extended without difficulty. The fee is 5 Euros again. This registration extension fee is to be paid directly at the box office at UnderGround.