Hygiene in the UnderGround

Hello guys,
due to a current occasion we would like to address the topics of smoking and hygiene in the UnderGround.

Please be sure to note that smoking is only allowed in the explicitly designated smoking areas. Smoking is not permitted on the entire upper floor.

Especially in the light-reduced containers, this not only benefits the air quality, but also serves to protect the other guests and their fetish clothing. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that clothing (e.g. rubber) of guests is damaged by cigarettes.

More unpleasant than smoking is the issue of hygiene.
Unfortunately, we feel compelled to draw attention to this issue in the form of this newsletter. We know that a mishap can happen to anyone, for example when something “slips”. We, the volunteers in the UnderGround and also the other guests, would appreciate it if you remove the dirt yourself as soon as possible.

Cleanliness is also indicated in the sanitary area (toilets and showers). Excrement and vomit belong in the toilet bowl and not on the wall or floor. Other guests also want to use the sanitary facilities (such as the flushing hoses). Please be considerate!

Please always and in everything you do, consider not only your safety and health, but also that of other guests and our helpers. Please remove unhygienic or potentially dangerous leftovers – in the interest of all – on your own. We want the UnderGround to be a safe place for everyone.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our volunteers on duty.

Already, we thank you for your consideration and cleanliness on behalf of all our guests and volunteers.

The MLC Board
Martin, Curtis and Benjamin

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